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Block plate VW Audi 1.8 16V + G60 + 1.8T / GTI

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Block plate VW Audi 1.8 16V + G60 + 1.8T / GTI

Technical specifications:

Block stiffening plate made of 6mm high quality steel.

For VW Audi 1.8 16V + G60 + 1.8T engines

Motor codes: PL, KR, 9A, 6A, ABF, PG, 1H, DX, EG

Fitiing for following vehicles:

Audi 100th

Audi 80th

Audi A4 and A6

Audi Coupe

Seat Corduba, Ibiza II and Toledo

VW Corrado and Caddy

VW Golf 3 and 4

VW Passat, Polo Lupo Sharan and Vento

Material: steel

Especially with uprated engines, large forces are created that can distort the crankshaft and cause damage to the crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings and pistons. The block stiffener plate minimizes twisting of the crank drive. If necessary, adaptation work of the oil sump is necessary.

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