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Mahle Motorsport

Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930016626
Product detailed specificationBore size 84.50mmStroke 95.90mmMahle compression ratio (CR) 9.0:1OEM compression ratio (CR) 11.3:1/10.9:1Dome volume (CC) -23.00cm3Compression height (CH) 34.70mmPin diameter 20mmFeatures 2618 alloyFits for Golf 4 R32 Turbo (..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: AUD209209I07
Bore 81.50mmStroke 86.4mmRod 154mmComp Pin Crown Wght30.7mm 21mm -7cc 295Compression Ratio 42cc 9.0Alloy 4032Clearance Guide 0.394 0.0010 0.0018..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 197883929
MAHLE Motorsport’s new B58 pistons are designed to be upgraded replacements of the factory pistons. Utilizing the benefits of 2618 alloy, these pistons are lighter than the factory pistons, and were designed to 10.5:1 compression (11:1 factory) for engine builders who are looking to add boost for +1..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930024709
Bore 86.60mmStroke 89.60mmRod 135mmComp Pin Crown Wght31mm 22mm -25cc 304Compression Ratio 33cc 9Alloy 2618Clearance Guide 0.394 0.0020 0.0028..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930000045
Bore 87.50mmStroke 91.00mmRod 139mmComp Pin Crown Wght32.3mm 21mm -29.0cc 334Compression Ratio 33cc 9.12618Clearance Guide 0.250 0.0020 0.0028930000045 S54271445P29..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 929170986
Product detailed specificationBore size86.00mmStroke86.00mmMAHLE compression ratio (CR)12.7:1OEM compression ratio (CR)11.7:1Dome volume (CC)12cm3Compression height (CH)30.00mmPin diameter22mmFeatures4032 alloyFits forHonda RSX-S - 2.0 (K20A/Z)..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: S2K181425P11
Bore 87.00mmStroke 84.0mmRod 153mmComp Pin Crown Wght30mm 23mm -11.0cc 303Compression Ratio 8.9Alloy 2618Clearance Guide 0.375 0.0016 0.0024..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930067351
Bore 77.50mmStroke 85.80mmRod 138.2mmComp Pin Crown Wght28.5mm 20mm -1.1cc 273Compression Ratio 10.3Alloy M142PClearance Guide 0.385 0.0008 0.0016..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: EVO367366I10
Bore 85.50mmStroke 88.00mmRod 150mmComp Pin Crown Wght34.7mm 22mm -10.0cc 311Compression Ratio 47cc 8.7Alloy 4032Clearance Guide 0.236 0.0016 0.0024EVO367366I10 930130066 930130046 EVO367346I10..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930286348
Bore size82.50mmStroke92.80mmMahle compression ratio (CR)9.5:1OEM compression ratio (CR)9.6:1Dome volume (CC)-7.10cm3Compression height (CH)29.60mmPin diameter23mmFeaturesPowerPak Plus M142 AlloyHard Anodized Top Ring Groove For Extreme Duty ApplicationsFits forVW / Audi - 2.0 TSI EA888 (CAWA, VAWB,..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 930286368
Bore 83.00mmStroke 92.80mmRod 144.mmComp Pin Crown Wght29.6mm 23mm -7.1cc 314Compression Ratio 9.6Alloy M142PClearance Guide 0.250 0.0010 0.0018..
Brand: Mahle Motorsport Model: 197841325
Bore 84.50mmStroke 89.60mmRod 145.05mmComp Pin Crown Wght31.7mm 22mm -21.5cc 314Compression Ratio 9.6Alloy 2618Clearance Guide 0.250 0.0025 0.0033..
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